Re:An Enquiry for Iron Nails


Dear sirs,

We are interested to buy large quantities of Iron Nails of all sizes and should be obliged if you would give us aquotation per metric ton C.F.R. Lagos,Nigeria.

It would also be appreciated if samples and/or brochure could be forwarded to us.


We need to purchase this article from other sources but we now prefer to buy from your corporation because we are given to understand you are able to supply large quantities at more attractive prices. Besides,we have confidence in the quality of Chinese products.

大家需要从其他货源购买该商品,但大家现在更愿意从您的企业购买,因为大家了解您能够以更具吸引力的价格供应大量产品。 此外,大家对中国产品的质量充满信心。

We look forward to hearing from  you by return.


Yours faithfully,

Re: A Reply to the Above


Dear sirs,

In reply to your letter of August 15, we are giving you an offer, subject to our final confirmation, as follows:


Commodity  :  Common Round Iron Wire Nails

商品   :                          普通圆铁丝钉

Specifications :   As per attached list

规格:                         见附件清单

Packing :   Loose in plywood keg of 60 kgs.net

包装:净重60 kgs 散装在胶合板桶中

Quantity :  100 kegs

数量:      100桶

Price:  US $ ... net per keg CFR Lagos

价格:CFR拉各斯 每桶 USD.....

Shipment :   September / October, 20..


Payment : Confirmed, Irrevocable Letter of Credit payable by draft at sight to be opened 30 days before the time of shipment, Under separate cover, we have sent you samples of various sizes and the brochure required.


If you find the above acceptable, please cable us for confirmation.


Yours faithfully,


1.be obliged   感激    = be appreciated

    We shall be obliged if you will cable us an offer.


    Your prompt reply will oblige.


    2. brochure   n.   小册子 相当于 pamphlet.

    3. be given to understand  =  be informed 理解=被告知

    We are given to understand that you deal in brushes of all kinds.


    4. have confidence in sb. / sth. 对某人(某事)有信心

    5. by return   马上 , 收信后马上

    6. in reply to  (= in answer to)   为答复......

    This is in reply (or: answer) to your letter of August 25.


    7. subject to

    以......为条件的 , 以......为有效

    The offer is subject to confirmation.


    The plan is subject to the manager's approval.


    8. as per    ph. prep.  按照 (仅用语商业书信)

    We handle a wide range of light industrial products as per list enclosed.


    9. net   adj.    净的 (英国习惯写作 nett)

    net price     实价 , 净价 (不含佣金或折扣)

    net weight   净重 (不包括皮重)

    net profit    净利 , 纯利润

    Dear sirs,

    RE:Groundnuts & Walnutmeat


    We confirm your cable of 2nd September asking us to make you firm offers for both Groundnuts and Walnutmeat CFR Copenhagen. We cabled back this morning, offering you 250 metric tons of Groundnuts, Hand-picked, Shelled and Ungraded at RMB¥1,800 net per metric ton CFR Copenhagen or any other European Main Port for shipment during October /November,20... This offer is firm, subject to the receipt of reply by us before 25th September.

    大家确认您的9月2日来电要求大家为您提供花生和胡桃仁CFR哥本哈根的实盘报价。 大家今天早上回电,为您提供250公吨花生,精选,带壳未分级,每公吨CFR哥本哈根或任何其他欧洲主要港口1,800元人民币,可在20..年10月/ 11月期间装运,此报价是实盘大家在9月25日之前收到回复有效。

    Please note that we have quoted our most favourable price and are unable to entertain any counter offer.


    As regards Walnutmeat, we would inform you that the few parcels we have at present are under offer elsewhere. However, if you should make us an acceptable bid, there is a possibility of your obtaining them.

    关于胡桃仁,大家现在拥有的少量存货在销售中。 但是,如果您能够给大家一个可接受的出价,您有可能获得该批货物。

    As you are aware that there has been lately a large demand for the above commodities, such growing demand has doubtlessly resulted in increased prices. However you may avail yourselves of the advantage of this strengthening market if you will send us an immediate reply.

    如您所知,最近对上述商品的需求很大,这种不断增长的需求无疑会导致价格上涨。 但是,如果您马上给大家回复,您可以利用这个强势市场的优势。

    Yours truly,


    1. groundnut     花生

    walnutmeat   胡桃仁

    2. firm   adj.   确定的 , 有效的

    如: The offer is firm (for) 3 days. 该实盘3天有效

    firm  adv.  确定地 , 有效地

    We offer firm as follows. 大家实盘报价如下:

    We offer you firm subject to reply by 5 p.m. our time, Wednesday, October 3.

    大家实盘 报价以大家这儿的时间十月3号周三下午5点收到回复为准

    firm offer   实盘

    non-firm offer   虚盘 (即 offer without engagement / obligation 无约束力的报盘)

    3. European Main Ports    常缩写成 EMP. 欧洲主要港口

    4. favourable   adj.   有效的 , 赞成的

    We are favourable to your proposal.


    The time is not favourable for the disposal of the goods.


    5. entertain   v.   考虑(引申为接受)

    We shall be glad to entertain any constructive suggestion you make.


    We are too heavily committed to be able to entertain fresh orders.


    6. parcel   n.   小包 ; 一批货

    We are sending you a parcel of samples.


    商业上常用 parcel 指 "一批货", 相当于 a lot.

    This is the only parcel left.


    7. under offer   在出售中

    We have only a parcel of 100 tons left, which is under (or : on) offer elsewhere.


    8. bid   n. & v.   递价 , 出价

    If we ask the buyers for a bid, probably they will name a low price.


    They made a bid at US$...  for Walnutmeat.


    Last week we bid US$... per ton for Green Tea. Now we can do a little better.

    上周大家以每吨....美金的价格收购绿茶。 现在大家可以做得更好一点。

    9. aware   adj.   意识到的 , 知道的

    We are fully (or : well) aware of the change in the market.


    We are not aware(of) why you have not opened the L/C.


    10. lately   adv.   最近 , 不久前

    We have received a crowd of enquires lately (or : recently ; of late).


    11. result in    ph. v.  导致 , 终归

    We confirm cables exchanged resulting in the sale to you of 15 metric tons Licorice.


    result from   ph. v.   产生于

    We confirm the sale to you of 15 tons Licorice resulting from cables exchanged.


    12. strengthen   vt.  加强    vi.  价格上涨

    We agree to your proposed terms for this transaction in order to strengthen our relations.


    The market is strengthening.  (= The market is becoming stronger.)

    市场正在变好。 (=市场正变得越来越好。)

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