PARKER: Everthing's set now, We're booked on a flight to Beijing, and our Chinese hosts are going to meet us at the airport. They've made reservations for us at the Great Wall Hotel in Beijing and also at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou. What's China Like? John Goodwin has been there many times, But Emily, his wife, and I have never been there. Emily Goodwin works for a large department store in Vancouver as its west coast manager. Just before we leave, I'm invited out to the Goodwins' house for supper.

        (每件事情都已经搞定,大家已经定了去北京的机票,大家北京的主人将到机场接大家,他们为大家在北京预订了长城饭店,也在广州预订了白天鹅宾馆。中国什么样?JOHN GOODWIN去过多次,但是他的妻子艾米丽和我还没去过。艾米丽.GOODWIN是温哥华一家很大超市的西海岸经理,大家出发前,GOODWIN邀请我去他们家吃晚餐。)

(Sound: Silverware, Dishes, Glasses, music in background)


GOODWIN:David tells me he's already packed and ready to go, Emily


EMILY: I wish I could say the same!


PARKER: Well, my wife Mary packed my bags for me before she left for Ottava yesterday.


EMILY:I'm sorry she's not coming along with us.


PARKER: She went to a conference. By the way, Emily, while we men are sitting around in little rooms working,what will you be doing?


EMILY: I'll be outside buying things from China.


PARKER: Silks and embroideries and jade,things like that?

(丝绸,刺绣,玉器等 那些东西?)

EMILY:(LAUGHS) Yes, of course, Many other things,too. all our friends have already placed orders with me.


GOODWIN:Emily's going to China to have some fun,David,but she's also going there to work very hard.Hudson's Bay is sending her there to buy textiles.

    (艾米丽到中国休闲去了,但是 大卫,她去哪儿也有很多工作, 哈德逊湾企业派她去采购中国的纺织品)

EMILY:I've been to South America many times, as you know, Last year I went to Paris and London. This year the company's sending me to Beijing to look at fabrics and perhaps also some ready to wear clothing. Beijing is the centre' of the clothing industry in China.


PARKER: Well, I've been to Hudson's bay many times to look at woolen carpets and chinaware.and I noted that much of it came from China.


EMILY:The company has given me the right to purchase products if they'er the right price.


GOODWIN:So I shall try to sell them something and Emily will try to buy something. A good business proposition. don't  you think?


PARKER:Well,it sounds like we'll all be working. At least I thought I could count on Emily having some fun. What is that saying: "All work and no fun makes jack a dull body."


EMILY: My work is fun. David


GOODWIN: Don't Worry, we'll have plenty of time for fun. It's spring time in beijing and the Great Wall ad the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven are there just waiting for us.


PARKER: Now you have me interested!(They Laugh.)



(SARAH 的借口)

(Knock on door)


SARAH: Oh. hello, David. Come in.


David: Thanks.


SARAH: What's the news?


David: Nothing much. I was wondering if you'd like to come to a dance tonight.


SARAH: Oh, I'd love to. but i have some work to finish.


David: in the evening?


SARAH:Yes. my boss is off to China tomorrow and I have a whole lot of indents to get ready.


David:Can't they wait?


SARAH: No. They've got to be ready first thing tomorrow.


David: I don't even know what an indent is.


SARAH: Oh, in this case it's just a list of things our company wants to buy from China.


David: Oh well, never mind, some other time perhaps. see you.

(哦, 没关系,改时间再说,再见)

Sarah: See You.




Hello. is that you Michael? what time are you picking me up tonight? A dance? Realy? one 0'clock? great!

(嗨, 是米凯尔吗? 今晚你什么时候接我? 去跳舞?怎得?一点钟? 太好了。)

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