PARKER: It is a rather long ride into town from the airport. I try to look at everything along the road. It seems like a very busy country. with lots of new buildings going up everywhere and the streets busy with new cars and trucks. It grows dark . but the conversation is lively and full of good humour, I keep thinking about the stranger at the airport. trying to dismiss my worries as mere foolishness.



LI:Have you been skiing lately, Mr. Goodwin? I remember quite distinctly the day you took us up to Grouse Mountain for a day of skiing. Vancouver is such a beautiful city. It is clean and natural there. The oceans and the mountains and the land, all in such harmony.


GOODWIN:Yes. we like it. I try to get to the slopes at least once a week.but  lately, well... you know we've been very busy getting ready for our visit to you.


LI:I understand. What about you, Mr.Parker? I was very impressed by your skiing skill.

(我理解,PARKER先生, 你哪?你滑雪的技术给我留下很深的印象)

PARKER:I'm afraid I have been too busy to spend much time on the slopes. But I do remember your first tumble.(They laugh) You learned very quickly how to ski.


LI:I'm afraid I'll never make the Olympic team.


GOODWIN: We had such fun sailing,too.


LI:Yes. it was great fun. It was a wonderful time. wasn't it?


PARKER:Our conversation is interrupted,at last, as we drive up before a large hotel. It is a very impressive and very modern building.


GOODWIN: What a beautiful place! it wasn't completed when I was last in Beijing.


LI:Now, we won't get out. We know you are tired from your long journey, and we'll only get in the way by going to your rooms with you. Besides, The Great Wall Hotel staff knows you're coming and has made all the arrangements for you. We hope you'll take one day to relax. I'll call you day after tomorrow so that we can set up a schedule of appointments. Is that all right?


GOODWIN: That's fine, Thank you very much.


LI:Good night. Then.


EVERYONE: Good night.




 Mr. Brown, a rather deaf, very fussy executive from Atlantic Industries is at the airport to meet a visitor from China.


BROWN: Hellow, you must be Zhang.


ZHANG: That's right, but...


BROWN:How do you do? I'm Colin Brown of Atlantic Industries.


ZHANG:How do you do.


BROWN: Rather noisy here, isn't it?


ZHANG: Yes. it is rather.


BROWN: Have a good journey?


ZHANG:Yes, as matter of fact . I did. I came by train.


Brown: Of course you came by plane. How else would you come? You must be tired after such a long journey.


ZHANG: It only took half an hour.


BROWN:Half an hour! Amazing! These modern jets are marvellous aren't they comfortable?


ZHANG: I had to stand all the way.


BROWN: Really! I didn't think that was allowed. Anyway let's get going. That is your baggage?


ZHANG: No,no, no...


BROWN:It's all right. Don't worry, I'll carry it.


ZHANG: Look, I'm going to get angry in a minute...


BROWN: Hungry? O.K. There's a restaurant over there.

(饿了? OK,那有个饭馆)

ZHANG: Look, this is all a mistake.


BROWN: You'd like some steak?I'll see what I can do; but it's a bit early in the morning.


ZHANG: Look here!


BROWN: Some beer? Right.

(来点啤酒? 可以)

ZHANG:I keep trying to explain...


BROWN:Some eggs? How would you like them?


ZHANG: Oh, my God!


BROWN: Hot? Of course.


ZHANG: I've tried and tried...

(我试图 再试图,,)

BROWN: Fried, I see, Let's see. There's steak, fried eggs and beer. That right?


ZHANG: Oh dear! What a mess!


BROWN:Yes. it is rather a strange mixture, Isn't it? But you chose it. I say, look! The police seem to be searching for someone.


ZHANG: Probably us.




ZHANG: Yes. that's not my baggage. I kept trying to explain, I came to meet a friend. I'm not the Zhang you want.


BROWN:Well, why  didn't you say no! Wasting my time! I'd better go and find the real Zhang.


ZHANG: What about these bags? The police will think I stole them.

(那这些行李怎么办? 警察会认为我偷了它们)

BROWN: That's your problem.


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