PARKER:After clearing customs and immigration at the Airport, we arrive at the Great Wall Hotel.Our hosts graciously depart and we are ushered into a beautiful lobby and taken to the reception desk.It is a gleaming new hotel, not at all what I expected, Somehow I had imagined an ancient temple,However I am delighted by the charming, friendly reception and immediately feel at home.


RECEPTIONIST:Good evening! Do you have a reservation?


PARKER: Yes. we do. The name is Parker, David Parker. And this is Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin. We're from Canada. I believe China National Garment Import and export Corporation has reserved us two rooms.

(是的,大家预定了,我是PARKER, DAVID PARKER. 这位是GOODWIN夫妇,大家来自加拿大,我想中国服装进出口企业为大家预定了两个房间)

RECEPTION: Will each of you please fill out one of these registration forms while I check? I will also need your passports. if you don't mind.


PARKER:No problem. You have a beautiful hotel.


RECEPTIONIST: Thanks you, sir, Oh. I see you have a Chinese name. Mr. Goodwin.


GOODWIN: I've been to China many times. I feel I'am almost part Chinese.




GOODWIN:As a student, I visited Qinghai and Xinjiang,and I also took a language course at Beijing University. My Chinese is very rusty.ofcourse, because I don't get much chance practise it in Canada.


RECEPTIONIST:Ah, all right. Here are your keys and your key cards.


PARKER: What is the key card for?


RECEPTIONIST:Please show this card whenever you come to collect your key or whenever you wish charge a service to your account.


GOODWIN:It's rather like a hotel passport.


RECEPTIONIST:Yes. You will find all the information about the hotel on the information card in your room. The bellboy will show it to you. if you have any questions, just dial "6" on your phone, That is our manager, He is at your service 24 hours a day.


BELLBOY: May I take your baggage, sir?


PARKER:The bellboy escorts us across the lobby to the elevators, Following us is another bellboy pushing a small cart with our baggage on it. The elevator is made of glass. The shaft of the elevator is transparent and so, as we ascend to the sixteenth floor, we can look down into a nightclub dominated by a beautiful Chinese pagoda.Someone is playing the piano because it is the cocktail hour. And beyond the nightclub we can see the neighbourhood. I find it rather disappointing. I expected, of course, to find myself surrounded by an ancient city with towers and temples, but it all looks quite modern.


BELLBOY:This is your room. Mr, and Mrs. Goodwin.

(这是您的房间,GOODWIN先生 夫妇)

GOODWIN: Thank you very much. David, Just as soon as you get settled into your own room, please give us a ring and we'll go downstair and drink one of those Beijing bears you've been talking about ever since we left Vancourver.


PARKER: Right!



(SARAH 的假日旅行)

FATHER: Hello Sarah! Had a good day?

(嗨 SARAH, 今天如何?)

SARAH:Not bad-bit busy getting everything ready for Mr. Goodwin.


FATHER:What's he up to now?


SARAH: Didn't I tell you? He's off to China looking for contracts, I've been booking his flight, getting his visa for China.

(我没告诉你吗? 他去中国寻求合同了, 我给他定的机票,办理的去中国的签证)

FATHER:Doesn't it make you jealous sometimes? You always seem to be booking tickets or getting visas for some exotic places; but you never go anywhere yourself.


SARAH: Yes. I'm realy fed up with it. I was hoping Mr.Goodwin would takeme to China. They did talk about it at one time. I never seem to go anywhere except to and from work.


FATHER:oh, by the way. there's a letter for you.


SARAH: Funny.I wasn't expectiong anything. I's a New York post mark. I don't know anyone there. I wonder what's in it.


FATHER:Why don't you open it and see?


SARAH:I've won a prize in a travel competition! I'd forgotten I'd entered. Do you remember? The prize was a trip for two to a secret exotic holiday resort. Now it's my turn to go somewhere exciting.

(我赢得了旅游竞赛的奖励。我不记得我参加过,你记得吗? 奖励是两人到神秘的异域风情的假日旅游,现在终于轮到我去令人兴奋的地方了)

FATHER: Great! Where is is?


SARAH; Just a minute. Let's see. Oh no!

(等下,我看看,哦 不要这样!)

FATHER: What's the matter? Where is it?


SARAH: Would you believe Vancouver!


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