PARKER: The Goodwins and I arrive in Beijing and settle in comfortably at the Great Wall Hotel. A very modern hotel in the northeastern part of the city. All of us are suffering from jet lag. it may be midnight in Beijing. but back in Vancouver it's only eight in the morning. I haven't yet adjusted to the new time. Li Wei has given us the day off to allow us to catch up on our sleep. Thus I find myself wandering about the hotel half asleep.


I visited the billiard room and the bar. I order a bottle of Beijing beer and afterwrds visit the small shops in the hotel. I have in mind buying something quite beautiful for my dear wife Mary. I lunch by myself and afterward return to my room and take a long nap.

(我到台球室看看,来到酒吧,要了一瓶北京啤酒。然后到酒店里的很多小店看看,我打算给我的爱妻玛丽买最漂亮的东西。自己吃了午餐 然后回到房间睡个很长的午觉)

At five in the afternoon my telephone rings, It is John Goodwin, who invites me along to his room for a cocktail before we go down to dinner. I shower quickly and go to the Goodwins' room.


EMILY:Hello. Sleepy head!

(嗨 瞌睡虫)

PARKER:I don't suppose either of you has slept.


GOODWIN: I had a hard time getting to sleep, but once I did. I slept all day. Emily tells me you were out prowing around the hotel this morning.


PARKER: Yes. I -


(Knock at the door)


GOODWIN: Come in.


ATTENDENT: Your drinks, sir?

(您的饮料 先生?)

EMILY:Yes. thank you.


ATTENDENT:Two martinis?


GOODWIN:Yes. thanks


ATTENDENT:And a bottle of Beijing beer.


PARKER:You're very thoughtful,John.

(JOHN 你想的很周到啊)

GOODWIN:Will you please put it on my account?


ATTENDENT:Thank you, yes (door closes)


GOODWIN:Here is to our sucess!

(为大家的成功 干杯!)


PARKER: Our success!(Laughter)


PARKER:We have a pleasant hour and then go down to the Fan. one of the many restaurants in the hotel. This one specializes in Cantonese food, which of course is the kind of Chinese food we eat at home. The waitresses are all beautifully dressed in long Chinese dresses with the high collar.

(大家愉快地畅饮一会儿,然后下楼到FAN 餐厅,酒店里很多餐厅中的一个,它特色是广东菜,是大家在加拿大常吃的中国菜,服务小姐们都身穿中国高领旗袍)

GOODWIN:We might as well enjoy ourselves, Tomorrow it's back to work.


EMILY:Do you think it's possible to take a short ride around the city? David and I haven't seen it.

(你认为大家出去稍微走走看看这座城市如何? 大卫和我还没见过北京城呢)

GOODWIN:Sure, You two take a ride right after dinner and I 'll go up to my room and do a little work. I also want to call Vancouver and talk to Goerge about the New York Contract.


EMILY:Work! That's all you think about.


GOODWIN:Only when I'm not thinking about you. dear.


PARKER:Here comes our waitress.


WAINTRESS:Have you decided what to order yet?


GOODWIN:Yes. I think we'll start with hors d'oeuvres.


EMILY: Let's have seafood. what do you recommend?


WAINTRESS:The prawns are very nice. The braised slices of abalone is excellent, too.


GOODWIN:We'll have both. Emily likes vegetables. What is fresh?


Waitress: Spinach. Celery, Bamboo shoots are tasty.


EMILY. Let's have the bamboo shoots.


WAINTRESS:Will there be anything else?


GOODWIN:I think that will do.


WAINTRESS:Thank you.


PARKER:She's very lovely.


GOODWIN: Yes. and so is the retaurant.


PARKER: For the first time I really feel like I'm in China。




(Telephone rings)


MAN: (Sleep voice) Yes? Hello! That's right. This is 4517.Yes. I did ask to be called at 9:00 o'clock. That's right. Thank you. (Sound of receiver being replaced) Oh dear. The jet lag's realy hit me this time. Feel as though I've only had a few minutes sleep. They're realy efficent in this hotel. It's 9 O'clock precisely. Funny, it's still dark. Better get down to breakfast before it finished.


(喂?嗨! 对的,这是4517房间,是的,我是要九点叫醒的。对的,谢谢。(电话听筒放回去的声音)哦我的天,时差这次真的很严重,感觉我好像刚刚睡了几分钟,这个酒店还真高效,现在9点整,有趣,天还很黑,赶快下楼在早餐结束前吃早餐。)

(In the Restaurant)


WAITRESS:Table for one. Sir?

(一个人吗 先生?)

Man: Yes. Please.


Waitress:Here we are, sir OK?




WAITRESS:Here's the menu. I'll be back in a moment for your order.


MAN:Right.(to himself) still plenty of people having breakfast. Looks as though they've been up for hours. Let's see what's for beakfast. Funny breakfast menu. Peking Duck? Very  nice but not for breakfast. Sweet and sour port. fried chicken and vegetables. Realy! No toast or eggs. Not even coffee.

(好的, (自言自语)还有这么多人吃早餐,看了他们起床好几个小时了,我看看早餐都有什么。很有趣的早餐菜单,北京烤鸭?非常好但是不适合早餐,糖醋排骨,炸鸡和蔬菜,真的?没有烤面包和鸡蛋,也没有咖啡)

WAITRESS: Ready to order, sir?


MAN: This is funny menu isn't it?


WAITRESS:(RATHER OFFENDED) Most of our customers seem satisfied with it, sir.


MAN:What about some toast. coffer and fried eggs?


WAITRESS:I'll see what I can do, sir (Rather puzzled)


MAN:I suppose you'll be closing soon.


WAITRESS: Not until 12, sir.


MAN:(to himself)Funny time to close. just at luch time


WAITRESS:Here's your dinner, sir.

(这是您的晚餐, 先生)

MAN: Dinner? This is breakfast.

(晚餐? 这是早餐)

WAITRESS:Breakfast at 10 o'clock in the evening?


MAN:Oh no! They called me at 9 in the evening instead of 9 in the morning!


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