PARKER:It is the evening of our first day in China. The Goodwins and I spend it by relaxing at the Great Wall Hotel and going to one of the restaurants for supper. It's a beautiful restaurant called the Fan, and we have just ordered our meal. 

I am rather an old-fashioned man myself and have pictured in my mind a country much more traditional than the elegant new surroundings of the hotel. however, at the retaurant I suddenly come to realize that I am in China after all.



GOODWIN:This retaurant has a traditional design.It represents one China. Tomorrow, when we go to meet Li Wei, you'll see another one. Both of them are China. It's a very complex society, very interesting. in time I'll take you to the Peking Opera, and We'll visit the Great Wall and the Palace Museum... But tomorrow you'll see the new China. This country knows how to drive a hard bargain. David. You'll have to be on your tones.


PARKER:You're positively frightening,John.


GOODWIN:That's why I've brought you with me. David. because I know how good you are in tought situations. I appreciate the way you worked in London. It was because of you that we landed the contract.


PARKER:It's kind of you to say that.

(谢谢 你那么认可我)

GOODWIN: I know you'll be right behind me when I need you. if I fall, I know you'll pick me up, and if I step aside, I  know you'll come forward with facts and figures.


PARKER:You're talking this one very seriously.


GOODWIN:I don't want to go home and face those Board members who told me it was foolish to come in the first place. I know what I'm doing. David. I know we can sign this contract, even though the others have failed, International swimwears, for example.


PARKER: The big boys.


GOODWIN; The big boys.They went home with empty pockets .But I know what I'm doing. I've done business with Li Wei before; We can understand each other. We know and mutually respect each other. We both want to sign a contract, but both of us know we've go to make some concessions to do it.




GOODWIN: What's the matter?


PARKER: Don't turn around Just keep eating.


EMILY.You look as if you'd seen a ghost. David.


PARKER:I have, He just walked into the room. Now he's sitting at the far end of it.


EMILY. Who it is, David?

(他是谁? 大卫)

PARKER:Sammy Tyler.I though I'd seen him at the airport,But--

(SAMMY TYLER,我想我曾经在机场看到他,但是--)

EMILY:Who's Sammy Tyler?


GOODWIN:A broker, Emily. We lost a contract in Berlin because of him. He came in at the last moment with an offer from some unknown company in Brazil, And the Germans refused to sign with us.


EMILY. Is he a crook?


PARKER:No. Maybe a little unscrupulous.


EMILY. Oh dear! I had hoped this would be a pleasure meal.


GOODWIN:I'm not afraid of Sammy Tyler. He's not going to spoil my meal.

(我不担忧SAMMY TYLER,他不会影响我的食欲)

PARKER: But whatever to you suppose he's doing here?


GOODWIN: Try to find out tomorrow, will you, David?

(大卫,明天查查 好吗?)

PARKER: I'll try.


Dialogue:In a Restaurant


SARAH: I think we'll start with eggs.


WAITER: Sorry, Miss. They're finished.


SARAH: Oh dear! Let's have fried rice then.


WAITER:Sorry, Miss, That's finished too.


SARAH: I'll have to look at the menu again then. I think we'll have the roast chicken.


WAITNER: I'm very sorry. Miss. There's none of that either.


SARAH: This is ridiculous! Have you got anything?


WAINTER: No, Miss. We're closed.


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