Jack: It's very good of you to see me at such short notice, Kamal.


Kamal: Oh, that's all right.Sit down, Jack. Now, any word from Paul?

哦,没关系,请坐,杰克。 现在,保罗有什么话吗?

Jack: Well, Tara said Paul was going to ring her last night, I'm on my way to the office now. I haven't seen Tara yet.

嗯,塔拉说,保罗昨晚要给她打电话,我现在正要去办公室。 我还没见过塔拉。

Kamal: Yes. Well. If anyone can get a market for Jayal Motors. it's Paul. But this isn't a social call. is it. Jack?

是的。 好。 如果有人可以给贾亚尔摩托开发市场。 这个人一定是保罗。 但这绝不是一次社交拜访。 是吗。 杰克?

Jack: No. Well, it is business actually.


Kamal: Oh. well. what can I do for you?

哦。 好的。 我能为你做什么?

Jack: Well. I heard from young Tim Hasram yesterday. He told me that Barratts had been overordering from the Manufacturers and withdrawn their extended credit from the retailers.

好的。 我昨天从年轻的蒂姆·哈斯拉那里听到,他告诉我巴拉特已经从生产商那里过度订购。而且停止了他们零售商的延期付款。

Kamal: And I suppose you want to know if young Tim has got his facts right?


Jack: Well,yes.


Kamal: It's good thing Barratts are not one of our clients, I wouldn't be able to discuss any details of their business if they were.


Jack:Yes. I do undersant that.


Kamal: However, I can tell you that I don't know the details of how Barratts got into this situation. but I do know that they have a large overdraft which their bank will probably have to limit.

但是,我可以告诉你,我不知道巴拉特是如何到这种状况的详情。 但我知道他们有巨大的透支,他们的银行可能要必须限制他们了。

Jack: I see. So now that our competitors are running into a bit of trouble.we can concentrate more on this export business.

我懂了。 所以,现在大家的竞争对手正在陷入一些麻烦。大家可以集中精力开展这个出口业务。

Kamal: Ah, yes, but a word of advice, Jack. Don't neglect the home market. There are other competitors and Barratts could quite easily make a quick recovery.

啊,是的,但一句忠告的话,杰克。 不要忽视国内市场。 因为还有其他竞争对手,而且巴拉特可以很容易地快速恢复。

Jack:No. I won't forget, Kamal. Ah, this is good news, It may encourage Tom to extend Paul's stay in Industria.

是的,我不会忘记的,卡马尔。 啊,这是个好消息,它可能鼓励汤姆延长保罗在Industria的逗留时间。

Kamal: Well, just keep me in touch with any further developments.


Jack:Yes. of course.No doubt Paul's doing very well out there.

好的。 当然。毫无疑问,保罗在那里做得很好

Kamal:No doubt. Well, fine Jack, Call on me again sometime, will you? I'm always very pleased to see you.

毫无疑问。 好吧,杰克,保持电话联系,好吗? 我很愿意和你见面。

Tara... And so you see. father, Paul's got an interview with Mr Fortesquieu, an agent in Centreville, who specializes importing goods from Zuritania.

....所以你看。 父亲,保罗接受了Fortesquieu先生的拜访,Fortesquieu先生是Centerville的一名代理,他专门从苏黎世进口商品

Jack: Good moring, Tara, Tom.


Tara: Hi Jack.


Tom: Sit down, Jack


Jack: Did I hear you say Paul has managed to arrange an interview with an agent.


Tara: Yes. through Carl Sindon at the Embassy.

是的。 通过大使馆的卡尔辛顿先容。

Tom:And when is this interview?


Tara: Well. that's what I wanted to talk to you about.

好。 这就是我正想和你谈的。

Tom: What?


Tara: Well, the interview is after the Trade Fair ends, next week. Paul will need more money for expenses and ...

是的,会面是在贸易展会结束后,下周。 保罗将需要更多的钱花。

Tom: ...no! no! It's out of the question. He has work to do here. I want him back as soon as the Trade Fair ends, We've enough work to do on the home market.

不行! 不行! 这是不可能的。 他在这儿有工作要做。 我希翼他在商品交易会结束后马上回来,大家在国内市场有足够的工作要做。

Jack: But Tom. I heard....


Tom: I want to hear not more about it. This Industria trip has already cost us enough money. People are beginning to laugh at me at the local Chamber of Commerce.

我不想再听这些了。 这个Industria之行行已经花费了大家足够的钱。 当地商会的人们都开始笑话我了。

Tara: Father, we can't let Paul miss such a good chance.


Jack: Tom. yesterday, Tim Hasram told me ....

汤姆, 昨天,哈姆斯拉姆告诉我.....

Tom: That's another thing, Tim Hasram is far too young for such a important job in the Sales...acting for Paul.... hasn't got the experirence.


Jack: Tom, will you just listen for a minute. Everything Tim told me yesterday. I confirmed with Kamal this morning. Barratts have run into some trouble, They've overordered from their manufacturers, withdrawn extended credit from the retailers to pay for the orders and their bank will probably limit their overdraft... So you see, while Barratts are floundering, We can...

汤姆,请你你耐心听一分钟。 昨天蒂姆告诉我的一切。 我今天早上和卡马尔确认了。 巴拉特遇到了一些麻烦,他们在他们的制造商哪里过度订购,要求零售商并取消订单的延期付款,他们的银行可能将限制他们的透支...所以你看,当巴拉特正在挣扎的时候,大家可以.....

Tom: I see, Barratts in trouble. That's an interesting development.

我知道了,巴拉特有麻烦了。 这是一个有趣的进展。

Jack: We've already had enquiries from some of Barratts' dissatisfied clients.


Tara: You see, father, things are not as bad as you think, Look, the bikes will be in Centreville for the last few days of the fair.


JACK:And Barratts are in trouble. Tim is picking up some of their clients for Jayal Motors and remember he's found some new clients in Dabu.

巴拉特有麻烦。 蒂姆正在为贾亚尔摩托捡起巴拉特的一些客户,并且,他在达布还找到了一些新客户。

Tara: So the home market's all right for the moment, In fact. it's improving rapidly.

所以国内市场一切顺利,事实上。 是正在迅速改善

Jack: and Now Paul has the chance to see a good agent.


Tara: He only need a few more days, father, Oh come on, what do you say?


Tom: Oh, all right, You usually manage to talk me into things.


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