Paul: Just look at this mess, It's hard to know where Tom's in-tray starts and his out-tray ends.


Jack: Any sign of the letter?


Paul: It doesn't look like it. Look, you rummage around here and I'll see if I can find those accounts

这看起来不像。 看,你在这里附近找找,我看看能否找到那些帐目。

Jack: Any luck?


Paul: No. not where I usually put them. but then again who knows where they might have gone to while I was in Dabu. Oh let's have the fan on. It's so hot in here.


Jack: Maybe Tom found them at the last minute.


Paul: Probably, anyway they're only copies. The original is safe at the bank.

也许吧,无论如何,他们只是副本。 原件在银行是安全的。

Jack: Eh, you don't think young Barratt took them, do you?


Paul: What on earth for? He could buy a copy from the Government Auditors' Office if he was that desperate.

到底为什么? 如果他是如此疯狂的话,他可以从政府审计署购买一份

Jack:Well, maybe he thought he could get hold of some juicy bits to impress his father.


Paul:Barratt, the industrial spy eh? But I can't really see our Diana letting him get away with it.

巴拉特,工业间谍? 但我真的不能看出大家的戴安娜会让他带走账目。

Jack: You never know- a good looking lad like that with a flashy car- he might have own her over.

你永远不会知道 - 一个有豪车的潇洒的小伙子 - 他很可能赢得她了。

Paul: Come on, Jack, Diana risk her first job? anyway look, enough of this. I've got till eight to convince you about exporting.

得了,杰克,戴安娜会拿她的第一份工作冒险? 反正看,足够了。 我已经有8个说服你有关出口的理由。

Jack: Of course, but that doesn't mean Barratt didn't take something when she wasn't looking.


Paul; Jack, sit down and listen. This is important. ... We'll have to tackle the problems of exporting step by step, And the fist move, as I see it, is to get an up to date picture of where we stand at the moment.

杰克,坐下来听。 这个很重要。 ...大家必须一步一步地解决出口问题,而我认为目前第一步就是制定大家最新的前景规划。

Jack: Why don't we just concentrate on expanding here at home?


Paul: Right. Of course we should hold on to our position here and we will- that Barratt problem will have to be sorted out for a start- but you must admit the market here is limited.

对。 当然,大家应该坚持大家在国内市场的份额,大家会的 -开始要把巴尔特问题必须整理出来 - 但你必须承认这里的市场是有限的。

Jack:Yes. but it's safe, the government keeps out foreigners with import controls-though I must admit. I feel sure we could hold our own against foreign bikes.

是。 但这样是安全的,政府采取进口管制来拒绝外国竞争者 - 尽管我必须承认。 我觉得大家可以在与外国的摩托竞争中保持不败。

Paul: I agree! That's why I'm suggesting exporting, because I feel we can compete with the best of them.

我同意! 这就是为什么我建议出口,因为我觉得大家可以与他们中的最好的竞争。

Jack: Just let me get this right, What you are really saying is that we'd make more profit by selling bikes in Industria where we have a cost advantage and can charge higher prices.


Paul: Exactly.

Jack: Ah. but wait a minute, Packaging, shipping, finance, not to mention the need to hire more staff, will push up推高/提高 our costs and we could end up no better off, maybe worse off.

啊。 但等一下,包装,航运,财会,更不要说雇佣更多的员工,将提高大家的成本,大家可能最终没有更好,也许是更糟。

Paul:Ok, now there are extra costs involved, but if we do it right they can be build into the price of the bike and we can still be competitive.


Jack: How sure are you about our chances of success in the market?


Paul: Well, that's the sticky one. It's going to need a lot of research. I'm hoping to get the help of the Export Development Office in Dabu... Well come on, Jack, Is it worth it or not?

嗯,这是棘手的问题。 它需要大量的研究。 我希翼得到达布出口发展办公室的帮助...好吧,杰克,是不是很值得吧?

Jack:There'll be a lot of problems.


Paul: Nothing we can't handle.


Jack: Mmm. I'm not that hopeful. But, yes, I think we should go ahead with a feasibility study.

嗯。 我不抱有那么大的希翼。 但是,是的,我认为大家应该进行可行性研究

Paul: Marvellous Jack. I was hoping you'd be on my side.

优秀的杰克。 我就知道你会支撑我的。

Jack: It's not just for you, I've always wanted to see how my bikes match up to competition in the big wide world-a question of professional pride!

这不只是为了你,我一直想看看我的车是否能适应世界范围的竞争 - 专业自豪感的问题!

Paul: I'm sure it'll be a success, Look, It's going to be difficult persuading the rest of the board and I'd like to get on with it straight away, What do you say to a board meeting early next week.


Jack: Sounds fine, Is there anything you want me to do?


Paul: Well, there is one thing-I'd like you to look at the production and transportation problems.

嗯,有一件事 - 我想让你看看生产和运输的问题

Jack: OK, it's a deal, If this idea is to work, you're going to need as much support as you can get...


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